Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tentacles in Every Pie

A stumbling start to my blogging activities, as its now 3 weeks since my last post. But when you set yourself a lot of goals, its hard work keeping up!

As I mentioned last time, I have 50 things to achieve this year, ranging from the highly vague (#17 - Get Fit) to the highly specific (#12 - Visit Jorvik Viking Festival). The list itself is grouped into 5 main categories, but in no particular order
Red = house stuff
Green = skill up
Purple = create things
Orange = travel places
Blue = other/misc
 the 50:
  1. Sell cross trainer
  2. Throw away letters
  3. Install a dogflap in kennel
  4. Insulate kennel
  5. Waterproof kennel
  6. Learn to drive
  7. Buy a car
  8. Design a house
  9. Return to Viva Brasil in glasgow
  10. Attend Empire LARP event
  11. Attend Lorien Trust LARP event
  12. Visit Jorvik Viking Festival
  13. Visit friends in Belgium
  14. Holiday in Europe (warmth)
  15. Learn illustrator
  16. Start a blog
  17. Get fit
  18. Do one of those stag events, when no-one is getting married
  19. Write more short stories
  20. Convert RPG plot into book
  21. Take part in NaNoWriMo
  22. Bin everything
  23. Sell everything
  24. Chop down trees
  25. Rearrange garden
  26. Create prototype game (#1)
  27. Create prototype game (#2)
  28. Create prototype game (#3)
  29. Create prototype game (#4)
  30. Create prototype game (#5)
  31. Attend Kinross show
  32. Write a letter to my family
  33. Start getting up at 7am
  34. Walk the dog for miles on a sunday
  35. Birthday pub crawl
  36. Learn how to brew mead
  37. Visit my Dad
  38. Make the dog sleep outside
  39. Learn geography
  40. Clean the car
  41. Paint the house
  42. Go to the optician
  43. Attend DoJ-Con
  44. Attend MCM Glasgow
  45. Attend Glasgow Comicon
  46. Throw a party for those ‘outer circle’ folks and bring them closer
  47. Update CV
  48. Learn guitar
  49. Learn unity
  50. Play the games I own!

A big old list eh! Now because I find that most things in life are linked, a general 'inter-connectedness of everything' as it were, I've decided to go against conventional wisdom and blog All The Things! rather than just one. This might be the Worst Idea Ever, but only time will tell. 

So you're now caught up on what I'm planning to do, next up is What I Already Did!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

1st ink

As 2013 beckoned, it was time for New Years resolutions...

But being a games designer, I decided to make 'achievements' instead, listing 50 goals to attain throughout the year. Also being highly organised, I then broke down these goals into steps, and broke down the year into months, and lined up my goals. Then I created a spreadsheet for every day of the year, and started inserting my tasks (colour co-ordinated too of course).

On my list for month 1 (aka January) amongst many others sat 'start blogging', and as you might be able to tell from the date on this inaugural post, I'm slightly behind... but what a busy month!

Rather than accepting the fact that I'm getting to it a little later, I'll be making a plethora of posts in order to catch up! My intention is to update my blog twice a week, with additional posts if anything extraordinary comes up. That means I owe you all 13 posts already, so without further adieu...

Ω <コ:彡