Monday, 18 March 2013

Attempts and Failures

Last Friday was a hectic day,  I had my driving test at 830am (spoilers, I failed), and then a mini GameJam at work from 10-6 where I aimed to create an endless runner in Unity (spoilers, I failed that too).

However, the failure only goes as far as the event itself. If its picked up again, then the failure was just the first step.

My driving test went okay, but for 2 factors: First, I was told I was driving too fast, and dont leave sufficient space from other cars, which is good to know, and something I can quite easily rectify. Second, I almost drove into a BMW when joining a dual carriageway (whoops!), this one could be a major problem, but luckily its not. The near miss was down to me getting distracted by an emerging ambulance and the BMW in question altering speed (probably also because of the ambulance), so my assumption that he had passed my car was wrong. An unfortunate event, but ultimately one of circumstance, fixable by looking more, and now having experience in that eventuality.

Next time I take my test, I'll be more likely to pass because I have learned from the failure.

My gamejam went okay too, although I didnt manage to have a 'game' by the end, despite following a tutorial. My issues came when starting to deviate from the tutorial to make the game I wanted, which slowed progress greatly, and I only had 7 hours to work with in the first place. Using a tutorial to guide me was thanks to my incredibly rusty and now arguably non-existant C# skills, although I'm quite comfortable navigating the Unity engine itself.

While I failed to make a game in my alloted time, if I decide to do it again, I should succeed, because I'm more aware of the requirements for success. I could also pick up the project again and continue it, rather than starting again, also resulting in un-failure.

The point being, if you failed its because you gave up. You chose to leave whatever it was in an unfinished 'failed' state. Of course, an important part of this is knowing WHY you're doing the thing in the first place, and what constitutes success for you.

I failed, and in doing so, will succeed.

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