Tuesday, 5 March 2013

February Achievements

Oh my February has been and gone already? That was quick...

February has seemed just as busy as January, although it felt a bit less productive because some of the previous tasks were still ongoing. Now I'm sitting here working out what I did though, I'm pretty happy with the spread.

So what was February all about?

#6 - Learn to drive: Completed(ish)! Again...

My driving lessons continued on and my test was booked for the 20th of Feb, and unfortunately it was postponed until March 15th. It was extremely frustrating at the time, but I'm pretty confident about passing, and the extra 3 weeks will make damn sure of it! I dont think I can call this completed until I pass my test though, so no advancement here. :(

Luckily, I'm not with BSM

#12 - Visit Jorvik Viking Festival: Completed!

We'd arranged to go to Jorvik (York) for a long weekend with friends last year, to discuss our upcoming LARP plans (just go with it for now, I'll convince you all I'm not a gigantic loser in with another post) as well as see the viking battle re-enactment there, which had a surprising twist endingwhere Eric Bloodaxe didnt die at the end! Vikings win!

A boar-snout formation. It will kill you dead.

All in all it as a very successful trip, plans were planned, things were bought, alcohol consumed and a merry time had by all. I even got to do some driving, and try out the new satnav (Nexus 7 + worldnav app - review coming soon!). I reckon we'll definitely go back, maybe even make it a yearly thing.

#16 - Start a blog: Completed!(ish)

Here we are! Completed right? Well... sort of.
Starting a blog is easy, but continuing them is not so easy, I've decided to call this started, but will only count as completed if I keep up posting throughout the year.
What just happened?!
#19 - Write more short stories: Started

I've let my storywriting slide over the years since focusing on game design, and while I always try to create narrative structures to go alongside games, they never become something in their own right, because they're more of a framework for the game. So last month I got some creative energy and started thinking stories again.

And that's why the internet is great!

I had considered setting a goal like "100 short stories in the year" or something, but I think that'll put me off too much, so I'm aiming to do as much a I can whenever I'm free (which as you may guess, is infrequently). I've written a few things so far, and I'll be posting them up shortly. It feels really good to be writing again though, even if it's not exactly my best work, shaking off the rust is reward enough.

#20 - Convert RPG plot into book: Started

Related to the above, as a counterpoint, my RPG plot is the longest thing I've ever written, or attempted to write, having been going on and off since my teenage years. I think a lot of game developers start off with a love of RPGs, and I'm no different. Since I started this magnum opus, I have learned the depth of complexity required to make an RPG happen, and the story aspect that I latched onto a youth was only the tip of the iceberg, so now I'm trying to convert what work I did produce into a more achieveable format.

The only difference is that my desk isnt as nice.

I've started to pull together disparate notes and make sense of the timeline, but this a gargantuan project which I suspect will not be completed this year. But a year of work trying to weave this tale will bring a me a year closer to finishing.

#40 - Clean the car: Completed!

Seemingly an easy one, but for some reason the easy stuff seems to slide by every week, and its something we've managed to ignore for almost a year. The inside of the car was filthy, but after returning from York we had a sudden burst of energy and it got done. The moral of this story, is take those easy wins whenever you can!

So with inroads made to a new set of tasks, how does my overall progress look?

Feb Total: 3.5/50
2013 Total: 5.5/50

Shy of my 8.333~ target, but a significant start to the year, and over a tenth of the tasks completed. I'll be posting up progress reports each month, hopefully with a some more in depth posts about each thing I'm doing, assuming I'm not too busy doing all the things.

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